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Rainbows and Sunshine
Missoula, Montana United States
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    Missoula Montana, United States
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    I love crafting, and I love making things. I also love staying at home with my two boys. So, if I keep crafting and make a little money I can stay at home with my wonderful kids.

    The store wasn't always called Rainbows and Sunshine, it had been The Whispering Owl for a while. The name Whispering Owl actually came from a friend and my photography company. Though we decided to go solo, and then I bought the name from her with crochet hats for her children. Recently I decided that I would change the name to something that felt more me. I love laughter, and I love happiness. What makes a person more happy than Rainbows and Sunshine?

    I love to follow DIY blogs and try new things. I have tubs and boxes of craft supplies just waiting to be used. Along with hand made items all over the house.
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